About me

For me photography is emotion, feeling, life.

I am a passionate photographer located in Austria and Italy, depends of the time of the year. All my life I feel the enthusiasm for this visual medium. I kept coming into contact with photography since I exposed my first film with a Kodak Instamatic back in the 70s.

After initially focusing on travel photography, people photography quickly became my focus. “Expressiv” people photography that stands out from the crowd.

It is very important for me to create a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere when taking photos, in which my models feel comfortable and are therefore perhaps willing to reveal a little bit of themselves. This is a chance for pictures that are special and that you like to look at again and again.

Beside my work in online marketing today you hardly see me without a camera. I feel alive and live this passion.

Thank you for stopping by.
Jürgen M.